Hi everyone, no L Word recap today. I felt tired all week and couldn’t get started. I thought it was just stress (I have a lot going on *sobs*), but Tuesday I tested positive for Covid. I’m fine, just exhausted and achey. Sometimes I sneeze so hard it
"In addition to my heart, there are small organs I want to give you…glands…sweetbreads…variety meats. I’m offering these gifts. Rare gifts."
"I told him you did P!nk's faux hawk for her bitter pill video and he fucking creamed."
things I'm reading and watching in April
"Abraxas, the demon of lies."
"Provocations is intended to do just that—provoke."
"Sweet little figs."
It’s the first day of spring, homos. You’re reading Xena Worrier Princess, a queer advice column for Jenny apologists and lesbians who back into parking…
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T.V. Dinner